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Chapter I: The Wolf And The Woods

Updated: Jan 27

The Wolf awakens alone among the woods.

The night was swallowed by the haunting call of the moon, casting an ethereal glow upon the dense woods. In the heart of the wilderness, a creature stirred, awakening with a primal fear etched into its being. The creature lay amidst damp leaves, disoriented and bewildered.

"The Wolf awakens alone among the woods"

As consciousness returned, the creature realized it was alone, surrounded by towering trees and the symphony of nocturnal sounds. Every rustle of the wind, every distant hoot of an owl, echoed in the creature's ears with heightened intensity.

Its surroundings were a blur, shrouded in darkness. The creature tried to stand, only to find its limbs changed, more powerful, fur-covered, and clawed. Panic gripped its heart as it attempted to comprehend the transformation. It felt alien in its own skin.

"The Wolf awakens alone among the woods"

Suddenly, a guttural growl emanated from deep within. The creature's instincts took over, urging it to run, to escape the unknown terror that clung to its senses. Without understanding what it was, it raced through the woods, muscles propelling it forward with inhuman speed.

Yet, an ominous noise reverberated through the trees – the distant hum of an engine. The creature's ears flattened against its skull, recognizing the sound as a threat. Fear consumed its every fiber as it darted through the underbrush, desperate to outrun an encroaching van that pursued with relentless determination.

The moonlight overhead, once a source of beauty, now intensified the creature's vulnerability. It felt exposed, as if the silvery glow marked it for capture. The creature's breaths came in ragged gasps, its heart pounding in rhythm with its sprint.

As it navigated the labyrinth of the forest, the creature's fear was not just for its own safety but for the mysterious force driving it into the abyss. In its eyes, the moonlit woods held secrets, and the pursuit of the van, a cruel reminder that it was a pawn in a game it didn't understand.

"The Wolf awakens alone among the woods"

The creature raced towards freedom, an instinctive yearning for safety propelling it forward. Little did it know, the answers to its existence lay hidden within the shadows of the night, waiting to be unveiled by a masked figure with unknown motives, one who abruptly stops the wolf as it stumbles upon him, While the wolf slowly walks backwards, the masked figure whispers in a horrific way "Welcome to The Folsom Project".

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